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WOWGamerzplanet English (US)

WOWGamerzplanet English (US)

20/3/2008 - THE SITE HAS MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New things..... chatbox and much more newer layout much more!!! new

Plz Visit !......

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26/2/2008 - Welcome

This loading bar controls if you internet connection is fast or slow
if the bar gos slow then your internet is slow and otherwhise

Welcome to my site called wowgamerzplanet

Vieuw The Index to vieuw the site

Good Luck !
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15/2/2008 - WOW Gamerzplanet Index ( Easy )

                                     WoW  GP                                        
                                                                                                  Mail Me!                   

                                              For vieuwing easy the hole site
                                          Website is in build ( but its useable )

Downloads ( Hacks )!
WOW Client Downloaders


Our Chatroom + Learn how to config a Private server!                                                      Create 10 Days - Game Account For WOW!
Play my MINI-GAME if you bored


Visit wowgamerzplanets guild!
My youtube movies about wow


Map Kalimdor ( Full Version )
Map Eastern Kingdoms ( Full Version )
Map Outland ( Full Version )


This is a costum menu!

     Index by battleaxe230 

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14/2/2008 - Free WOW

WOW Client Downloaders For TBC + WOW Classic
Client Downloaders in one package         
Warning : If your using blizzards server and using hacks you must look out for Gms or Admins

For a perfect vieuw of the site download adobe flash 9

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13/2/2008 - WoW junkies message board

View our message board
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11/2/2008 - Wanna play wow 10-days?

Wanna play real normal wow press this button to 

WARNING : if you create an acount  its for 10 - Days cause its free
Wanna play full buy it at a shop
But 10-Days is not bad
For more information
If your already use a private server change it then if you have a 10 - Days acount
Your realmlist of US Version is
set realmlist
set patchlist

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6/2/2008 - GOOGLE SEARCH


Copyright Google 2008.
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4/2/2008 - WOW Us Forum
Blizzard Copyright
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30/1/2008 - Our WOWEmuhacker Tutorial

you see in the movie that the style is a litle bit strange but all programyou need stays still on the site
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24/1/2008 - HACKS LIST (FREE)

Multi - Hack Program

Download Here The WOW Emuhacker : Rapidshare 2.3.3 !!!
Speedhack, Fly hack , Wall hack , Gravity Hack.... in one program.

Single Hacks

And Press HERE for the GM Power Hack (only working with the real wow server )!
And Press HERE For Cybes Mountain Climber For WoW (version         
And Press HERE For CHEAT ENGINE including speedhack (for wow)

Create Private Server Repacks

And Press HERE For AC Repack ( For creating your WOW Private Server
Tutorial of AC Repack Included )

And Press HERE For Acsent Repack V2.3.3 ( For creating your WOW Private Server)
Tutorial not included

WOWGP Perfect Source Of Hacks

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16/1/2008 - Mini - Game ( If your bored )

My fun mini - game if your boring
STAR - WARS Air Base ( Costum )
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        He guys always want to now how you (join) a private server
        Its very simple i choose now one of the best private servers
        Go to http:/ REGISTER your acount
        Then go to Your directory where you installed WOW
         (Default) C:/program files/world of warcraft/
        Then you will see a file called REALMLIST.
        Open it with Notepad , Word , Whatever.
        then you will see set realmlist change the realmlist to wowtopia
        And your ready and steady to play!.
        For creating your own Private Server search the Internet

                 OUR ----- CHAT ROOM

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

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